Big Yellow Tutu

the record shop i work for wont let me buy ciccone online. am upset. refused my credit card.bastards January 20, 2005

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The plan for being bigger than google is slowly taking shape. Popstar Feets is already taking over the internet. i’m not going to go for the humble pie route. i love my site. i have cards to hand out, now own (its not ready yet – no clicking early – be patient), and will soon own popstar feet badges. i need help on this bit of it.

im searching for good ideas but it seems i have fewer than i hoped. what to put on the badges? now i have no idea how many people read this lj site, but if there is anyone out there who fancies getting a bit photoshop or paint happy and emailing me badge ideas that’d be lovely.

i’m still mourning busted. most sites seem to be saying how that news is ‘so last week’ but i’m still upset ok? no amount of The Noise Next Door, Freefaller or Rooster will help. especially not noise next door, they’re way too creepy. though top marks for Rooster for putting “Rooster let rip in Aldershot” on their site. for those of you less savvy to the southern town there is nothing there. at all. there has never been. its a brave thing to say on your homepage.

gigs gigs gigs gigs gigs. theres just so many. tomorrow is a club night down at the handily near Pleasure Unit. For once it lives up to its porny sounding name. tomorrow promises to be a “furious, dirty randomness of bands, djing, gothic pole dancing and the selling of clothes and accessories”. i feel i will end up being stuck with the decision of drinking or buying earrings. thankfully not pole dancing, i’ve been assured there are actually professional dancers there to do that.

the whole weekend may be spent at the pleasure unit, as on saturday it plays host to theG Spot Festival. It sounds more porny than the previous night but i’m pretty sure it won’t be. up on the tiny stage will be: supergroup The Fallingovers, Art Brut 4, Ciccone and Rhesus plus loads more i can’t remember. So basically its an art brut side project & friends extravaganza. hope to spend the entire day gazing at eddie.

i’m trying to write this whilst half watching a program about coke in south america. ive realised its quite hard to follow subtitled programmes and type at the same time. they need concentration. haha, program just went to ad break into an ad of cars driving through snow. i wonder whether that was done on purpose. i once went to the cinema and saw a ‘speed kills children’ ad back to back with an ad for a car where someone drives really fast and dangerously round a multi storey car park. brilliant. not that i condone wreckless driving of course.

fuck. its nearly 11. i have an exam tomorrow. need sleep.


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