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Le ga- ragh, le ga- ragh – ragh… January 18, 2005

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after a small battle on the door with a dimwitted ticket woman who couldnt tell the difference between her empty hand and her hand with a tenner in it, the joys of mando diao, the chalets, art brut and the rocks were upon us last night.

well actually, the dimwit made us missThe Chalets, but we did get to share a table with them at the aftershow bar. them and a very odd, precocious australian woman too.

caught the tail end of Mando Diao and them seemed really good. very pop. i met their promoter at the bar who tried to convince me they were more like the libs than busted. though everything i read about them makes that hives connection, so i should be thankful he didnt do that i guess.

following mando diao were The Rocks. My shoe celeb man was awesome. I really had no idea what to expect of them but they’re superb. and i know that the last few gig entries in this have all said that all the bands i’ve seen this week were good, but its true. its not just me in an exceedingly good, open hearted mood this week. The Rocks were really fun, lots of jumping, but also really great musicians. and i know thats such a wanky thing to say but they had really good chemistry on stage. but fun and professional, its rarely found. i have the hunch these guys might end up having their own line of The Rocks thermos flask merchandise, theyll be that huge…

and last but certainly never ever least was Art Brut. he got naked. only once. sure, he wibbles a bit when he jumps around naked, but i still love him. i found his live journal where he says he’s quit his job and expects to run out of money by the end of april. im thinking of inviting him to have the left hand side of my bed and we can share cold bubble baths together (i have no hot water). we’d cuddle up on the sofa and eat pickle straight out the jar with our fingers. we’d spend all summer sat on my kitchen floor with the balcony doors open, drinking cheap whiskey while he read something clever and i’d read something trashy. its going to be great.

And in other shoes… today brings our first threesome. And a colourful one at that. what three boys would wear pink and green shoes?


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