Big Yellow Tutu

January 16, 2005

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damn it. my plan was to sit down and do some work. then new plan was to pour a brandy, read the end of ‘down & out in paris & london’ then do some work. now im thinking a better plan may be to wake up early and do some work.

why can’t i write anything non-blog related anymore? i used to be so studious. time is going too quickly at the moment. i got back at 4, i cooked, read for half an hour and now its 10. how does that work? I’m spending all my time thinking about eddie argos. though i’ve just discovered he doesn’t know the difference between their and they’re. i think i might let him off on that though.

i am also still mourning the death of busted. its going to take a while, so i warn you all, there are many entries still to come about those three beautiful boys. i blame myself really, i used to be a 100% james fan. i once dreamt that i slept with him in the store cupboard of a uni halls of residence and my fascination grew from there really. he was the one who wrote the songs, had cute hair and seemed less moody than charlie (matt never got a look in – he used to beat up the guy who used to wash my hair at the hairdressers).

all was going swimmingly and my plans to be mrs bourne were in place until i watched ‘America or Busted’ and discovered that the man hunk in my dreams spoke like a little girl. i was mortified. reappraisals were clearly due. suddenly i found my eyes creeping towards charlie. having seen fightstar only a few weeks previous to this and being impressed with his height, i was starting to think that maybe mrs simpson was a better idea. my fingers were typing ‘charlie busted’ into the images bit of google and there was nothing i could do. mere weeks after this came that fateful 11 am on january 14th 2005. clearly the one more typing of charlie’s name into google had tipped the balance of the band. Seismic ripples spread through the atmosphere and equality in the band melted away. along came the announcement that we’d all hoped would never happen. i’m really sorry everyone. i shall go about typing ‘james busted’ into google for hours, possibly days, on end now just to see if i can possibly turn things around.


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