Big Yellow Tutu

January 16, 2005

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Last night gave the choice of either the futureheads at frog or art goblins over in north london somewhere. Either would have been fun. but more fun was had drinking brandy, watching the OC, then porn on the sci-fi channel with mr swish. Emmanuelle In Space, to be specific.

It was truly great, though she wasn’t really in space for much of it. The oddest thing about it was the scenes which involved the stable hand girl where they insisted on playing the same horse neigh sound effect every ten seconds or so in the background. Quite disconcerting noises to hear when watching porn, the people upstairs must have wondered what kind of porn we were into.

Popstar Feets gets a mention on Fluxblog tomorrow. im both very frightened and very excited. I’m a little worried my site will crash but quite excited about the amount of hits i might get. I’ve become obsessed with my site counters. i just can’t seem to stop checking them. Its a little like school pigeon holes on valentines day, you’d keep walking past to see if there were any conspicuous red envelopes, and even though there weren’t any you’d still try and subtly walk past every hour or so just to check. Ever hopeful.

I listened to the much talked about Adam Green yesterday, though i shuffled through two albums on Albert, a practice which is apparently cardinal sin. I think he’s going to take a few more listens. He’s a bit quiet; I’m more into anything nicely noisy or nicely pop at the moment.

Friday night brought with it my first pair of shoes who’d heard about the site already. was so happy. It was only through the joy of message boards but it still made me smile. So…up today is a pair of boys, both brunettes, who can inspire the drunk to make raspberry noises along to ‘Leader of the Pack’. Hmmm… Either think or cheat


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