Big Yellow Tutu

January 16, 2005

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The January that is going to kill my liver rolls on with yet another gig. The Barfly on Friday night put a roof over the heads of The Test-icicles and Snow White, my ears are still complaining.

The Test-icicles lived up to all of mr swish’s hype, they are really fantastic. Apparently belonging to spaz-core as a genre, a new concept to me, they’re noisy, so so noisy. As a young lady its impossible not to like them, you can almost dance to them, they’re chaotic, grubby and have the prettiest lead singer you have ever ever seen. I don’t want to sound like a 13 year old girl here but he is purely beautiful, like a little wipsy Ashton Kutcher. They only played three and a half songs (the half being an instrumental intro music thing) which is a shame, i could have listened to much more.

Snow White were young and tight, a good thing for a band with a song about paedophile porn. I wasn’t keen on them, they were a little naive. They’d made the terrible decision to each wear a white t-shirt with some ‘rebellious’ statement scrawled on the front of each one, it made them look about 7 years younger than they are. They moved across the stage like scared little rabbits, conscious of every single pose thrown. And as for the drummer, I have never seen anyone concentrate on anything harder. I think with more gigs behind them they might get better, their songs are actually really good, but they just really need to relax a little. Maybe all this NME talk of them being “the next big thing for 2005” isn’t helping them much.

Up on Popstar Feets today is everyone’s favourite mad mad band. No clues though. I caught him in the boys toilets of a gig this week. Though more eloquent than he is on stage, he was still pretty dizzy. He told me I looked like “Judith Bowman from Radio 1”, I’m guessing he meant Edith. He really didnt consider himself to be enough of a popstar to be on the site, and didnt believe me that i knew who he was. He looked quite shocked when i said ‘yeah i do, you’re D*** from D****** *** ******’. He then tried to prove how his left rib cage makes a noise when he wiggles, and how his wrists smell. He’s such an odd boy, but thats why I adore him.


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