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i love eddie argos. January 14, 2005

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today i’m stuck between being delirously happy and also terribly sad. and its all because of my favourite man mr eddie argos.

now i don’t normally make a habit of giving away who my new shoe people are but its kinda necessary for the story of woe i shall tell you all.

weeks of wishing for eddie’s shoes were finally fulfilled last night. walking home from the rhythm factory gig who should we see ambling down brick lane with bagel (with prawns) but the man himself. in a bit of a dither i could nowt but try and sneakily tell mr swish. he being braver than i, shouted ‘eddie!’ nice and loudly. the giant that he is spun around and graced my shoe requests with a removal of shoes and revealing of some very hole ridden socks. he was lovely, so charming and was accompanied by Ciccone, the gorgeous sparkly pop people. we nattered, exchanged opinions on prawns and then went our sepearate ways. whilst skipping down the high street in glee mr swish asked ‘so why didnt we go back to theirs?’. it turns out eddie invited us back to drink whiskey in their garden and i didnt even notice. im gutted. i was a gin addled wreck and it seems that request just flew past me without me noticing. whiskey? eddie? garden? my perfect evening. hes so so pretty…

oh no!!!!!!!!!!! Busted have split up! this day just gets worse and worse. i knew a press conference couldnt be a good thing. this is terrible. no new albums. no new gigs. no new haricuts. this is a terrible terrible thing to find out mid blog post. i cant believe therell be no more busted. i think its time to start back on the gin again.

holds back the tears to say… gig last night was great. Metro Riots are fantastic. real raunchy rock stuff. Dustins Bar Mitzvah were on top form this time round, no fights, no sulking just pure comedic punk. Theyre never going to make up for a lack of Busted though. I am really gutted. Today is not going well.


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