Big Yellow Tutu

the pain i go through for a ‘g and t’ January 13, 2005

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ouch. i just cut my finger whilst slicing a lemon. its the spirit of my mother lurking over me for starting drinking so late in the day. all the lemon juice is making it sting so bad. ouch ouch ouch…

its that dustins bar mitzvah et al gig tonight. should be a giggle. shit loads of people playing. im quite looking forward to metro riots. terrible site though. theres an xfm interview live stream up there, its worth listening to just so you can hear just how insanely talkative they are. they make me seem like a veritable mute.

Chineapples are rumoured to be playing tonight too. but some sites say yay, others nay. i saw douglas, their permanently drunk lead singer racing through brick lane on a bike this afternoon. way too fast to catch. im hoping he knew our lectures are cancelled today. he rarely turns up, it’d be pretty terrible if for once he made the effort and found noone there. but anyways, if they are playing, everyone should go see them. lots of fun. and no kings of leon comparisons please. its said too many times.

and of course… in shoe news… ive put up a couple more now. some very shiny ones too.


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