Big Yellow Tutu

la la blondes January 12, 2005

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arty arty rocker rocker. so many shoes. I’m not sure whether to post about ‘trocker the same night or the day after. i’m sure that a day spent thinking of witticisms couldn’t ever be a good thing. but all the same, so sleepy when i get back.

the schla la las were lots of fun. an all girl fun punk band, they look like little wind up dolls in matching outfits and sound like pokemon. they cannot but make you feel that the world is a beautiful, fun place. they are so cute. imagine the most girly image possible and you are nowhere even near. god, i wish i was in that band.

i didnt see much of the long blondes, only about 3 or so songs, but they seem brilliant. Girls and boys from Sheffield (queue long talks in bar of where the fuck Sheffield is), theyre supposed to be ‘one of the next new big things’. Hope so. I do love girl fronted bands. I wish wish wish wish wish wish I could sing. I have enough dresses and shoes to be a good front girl. Shaky shaky booty booty. Coy coy hair flick hair flick. Easy peasy.

New shoes over at popstar feets, and not just the expected. Oohhh…who can it be?


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