Big Yellow Tutu

shiny shiny, shiny boots of – fuck all. grrrr……. January 11, 2005

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aahhhh… have just had to write this twice as computer is piece of shit. mr swish was so right in saying “write your entries in word, girl.”

so…. on repeat…

tuesday tuesday tuesday. at artrocker tonight, is the collectively short schla la las and the probably not so short long blondes. lots of shoe possibilities there. swish informs me that the drummer of the long blondes toured with art brut last year, so the chances of getting a photo of the shoes of the much lusted after eddie argos tongiht might just be high.

saturday brought the promise of hundreds of shoes but the footwear gods were not smiling on us. the first decent gig in ages at the pleasure unit, consisting of gin palace (shit – but i wanted her shoes anyway) and test-icicles. it was supposed to be beautiful, i could have walked there from flat, bopped about to test-icicles, taken lots of shoe pictures, been happy girl and then walked in the cold and drizzle to the comfort of my flat. but no, both bands pulled out of the gig at the last minute. was so upset.

the prospect of special needs at the other end of town placated me somewhat, so we duly hurried for a tube with the intent of heading to nambucca. it was very very cold, and holloway is an extremely confusing place. we got so lost and gave up, finding the comfort of a bar more rewarding than the comfort of unknown north london streets. so no shoes there either. and to think that eddie and his side project thing, art goblin, were over at the buffalo bar. so, if bands werent so unreliable and venues weren’t so hard to find, i could have had four different bands worth of pretty shiny shoes.

i blame it all on chris martin personally. i dont think that two days into a new blog you’re supposed to get such fame. i think there was a week long shoe drought just so i dont get complacent about it all. fuck knows what’ll happen if i get eddie argos. there’ll be no shoes for years after that.


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