Big Yellow Tutu

still smiling from getting to touch clue no 2’s arm. it was so warm… January 6, 2005

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such a good evening spent at the slightly smaller than expected notting hill arts club. bands up on the pokey stage included – the real times, milk teeth, satellites, and dustin’s bar mitzvah.

i knew nothing of the first three, and of those three only saw the real times. good on the noisy drum machine and frontman throwing all the right shapes count but terrible on all other counts. so terrible that they’re not on google. anywhere. the lead singer had a shockingly bad hat too. they were a complete waste of time.

now i promised mr swish i wouldnt write about dustins bar mitzvah, he loves them truly, so you’ve all got to head over to his site and read his adoration monologue.

the big news of the night that i can’t quite frankly believe took me three paragraphs to mention but… in popstar feets news it was amazing. for just day two it was miraculous. i’ll give three clues. one for each pair of feet.

1. hairiest non band member to ever appear in an album sleeve.
2. he once smiled at me at glastonbury in 2000.
3. theres still over 100 copies of the ‘strictly limited’ version of his album in our store room at work.

to find out you’ll just have to shimmy over to…

i was a very happy lady last night.


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