Big Yellow Tutu

comanechi January 5, 2005

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aaahhhh…they were brilliant. she’s really catching up with the guitarist from the cherubs in the shiny hair race. actually, they might be winning, both Akiko and Simon had shiny shiny hair and only one of the cherubs had shiny hair soooo…. think the most coveted award of the year is set to be won by this fair crew. and back to the music… I’m not going to do that inevitable “please dont compare them to the kills or the white stripes thing because there’s two of them” because you’d have to be pretty slow to want to draw a comparison there and i know that you, my beautiful blog loving whores, are way more einstein than that. comanechi are so much more fun, she squawks but in a cuddly harmless way, and though you can dance to them they don’t seem to be actively striving to make music that you can dance to just for the sake of it (take that swing of the handbag mr kapranos).

not only were they awesome but they have started the new revolution that everyone has been waiting for… the now nearly infamous shoe blog. inspired by the lovely miss comanechi letting me take a photo of her feet last night i shall start “popstar feets”. (god how i wish i’d come up with that name). as the name suggests it shall be a a journal of gigs i go to via the sight of their feet. some photos may be voluntary from kind, generous pop girls and boys, others shall have to be taken with a more stealthy approach. either way, it shall be beautiful. anyone who is out and about and sees/knows any famous pop people please grab their feet and grab a camera and send it to me and i shall promise to put it up.

the sites going to look a bit different as of today, but please don’t panic. it will be sleeker, easier to use, way more vorsprung durch technik and most importantly, contain lovely famous feet.



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