Big Yellow Tutu

January 4, 2005

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im sorry i havent updated this in ages, even my mum (in post independent article on blogs reading) keeps asking me if i’ve “blogged yet”.

new years was odd. fun but odd. school disco was exactly as expected, with the expection of some rugby boys dressed as cheerleaders in pink doing forward rolls down a corridor at 2 in the morning. my fears of looking a bit like a hooker were dispelled the minute we walked in. there were girls dressed in just hot pants and suspenders, i felt smugly prudish. though less smug when i had to walk home in just socks after my shoes decided to start eating my feet.

the accompaniment of my beautiful new digimeral camera on the night has meant an influx of “ooohhh…email me some pictures” requests. so to make life easier i thought i’d pop them on here. i many put some more on tomorrow. who knows.

I’m off to see comanechi tonight. very excited. won’t wear favorite shoes but will wear favorite trousers. tomorrow is dustins bar mitzvah. its going to be noisy 48 hours. new digimeral will be taken along, though only have shitty 16mb memory card, so expect either very few beautiful pictures or millions of shitty ones. but for now here are some beautiful new ones for your viewing pleasure.



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