Big Yellow Tutu

December 31, 2004

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oohhh… updating from cardiff. so fucking urban. im dressed as a school girl. why am i doing this? were off the school disco at the millennium stadium. they better play fucking busted and no fucking bon jovi, chesney hawkes or fucking guns and roses. ive had quite a bit to drink already so all typos must be ignored, i shall do my best to keep a beady open for any mistakes.

i had the choice of the st trinians look or the science girl look with slaggy lab coat. went for the classic chav trinians option. i feel like such a complete chav. im sure that if i just keep drinking the whiskey it should all work out. even if the whiskey is called imperial stag. its £8 a litre. im such a classy lady. oh god. why am i going to school disco? im such a complete snob. all my friends keep telling me that so long as all my friends are here it should be fun. well they are all here but im still a little sceptical. its school fucking disco. i cant get over this. the rakes were playing frog tonight. why cant i be at frog? grrrr…

so to cut a long boring rant short. i look like a hooker and am very drunk.
happy new year everyone. im sure that at about 4 in the morning ill get all nostalgic and write long monologues about how much im going to misss 2004 or something.


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