Big Yellow Tutu

December 29, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 11:38 pm

grrr… i just tried to dye my hair and nothing fucking happened. i was trying to dye the pink bit blonde as it’d gone a grotty yellow ish colour. the packet said leave for 10 mins. in hair dye times that always means 30. after 30 nothing had changed and so i left it for an hour and still nothing has happened. the beautiful man who cuts my hair said i could dye it any colour and it would work so im a little upset. but i did get to wander around the house in dungarees and shake my ass in a fun 90s stylee. how come we always get changed to dye hair but never ever spill anything?

girls aloud got turned off after one and a quarter songs at work again today. they put queen on. fucking idiots.


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