Big Yellow Tutu

its colder inside my flat than it is outside. brrrr…… December 28, 2004

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bad day. it started by being as hungover as hell and having to get up at 7 this morning. i thought i was working back in the big smoke but when i walk through the door and get a lot of confused looks from all other staff i guess somethings up. it seems i wasnt working til tomorrow. spent 2 hours in car and getting up at crack of dawn for nothing. im such a twit.

i also spent all day feeling sick. i didnt think i drank that much, it seems i must have. i do vaguely remember showing some of my friends what pants i was wearing whilst at the bar in the pub. oh dear. they were good pants though, so thats something to be thankful about.

i watched 13 going on 30 this week. thats an odd film. its basically 13 year old girl wishes she was 30, wakes up 30, finds about shes been a bitch for 17 years and that she loves her best friend who’s about to get married. not only does she not care whats been going on in the world that shes missed over the last 17 years but shes a horny 13 yr old who wants to fuck her friend. shes 13!!!! its a little twisted, no? what with that and mean girls being really quite racist im beginning to worry a little about kids films today. have we got a population made up of racist horny 13 year olds?

andy why is there no artrocker tonight? i hate this gap between christmas specials and new year specials. what with there being no oc and no artrocker this week just because they both have new year specials im a very bored girl. but hey, home alone 2 is on in a bit. its so much better than home alone 1, no matter what mr morgan says. dumb film geek fucker.


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