Big Yellow Tutu

3 days til launch of shoe blog and counting…. December 26, 2004

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boxing day is always so underwhelming. i never really know what to do, aside from eating cold turkey, theres not really any traditions. someone should start a boxing day tradition just so we dont all feel so lost.

ive spent the day clomping round the house in big boots and short skirts. the ratio of time spent writing essays on 16th century harp music to the time spent downloading stuff and reading blogs is about 1:37 at the moment.

my discoveries from my day spent pritt-sticked to the screen are: ‘put down the science pole’. they make me dance and air scratch. ‘the beastles’ – mash up beaties and beatles stuff (yes, yes bootlegs=passe. shut up). and last but not least ‘grizzly bear’. i have friends in a band called ‘grzzly’ so should maybe stand strong here and shout – NO! YOU NAME STEALING SCOUNDRELS! and not listen to grizzly bear. but i like them. so quiet. theyve put tracks up on their site its nice for a glass of something percenty at the end of the day.

im thinking about this blog. its fustrating me in so many many ways. i dont have a counter. all my ramblings may be pointless for all i know. pictures are a pain in the ass to put up. and… i cant put up any songs. i want to do all of the above. all the good blogs ive gotten into reading say blog spot in the title. my sherlock traits make me think that maybe this is the way forward.

im going shopping with my parents tomorrow and have long car journey spent listening to radio 2. i shall therefore take felt tips and paper with me and redesign this site. ive got the background sorted and made. it just needs a clever mr swish to help me.

anyone with any bright ideas or requests just shout.


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