Big Yellow Tutu

December 24, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 10:02 am

Oh no! I fear christmas may have to be cancelled. it would have to be the year when i’m truly indulging in everything festive. the ovens broken. its one of those ye olde aga cookers that legend has it “never break down”. those lying legends. why christmas eve? i’m really devastated. how are we supposed to have christmas dinner now? all the house is on the phone now trying to bribe repair men to leave their nice warm houses to come and spend christmas eve up to their ears in oil trying to fix the stupid thing.
no ipod. no aga. no turkey. no stuffing. no gravy. no potatoes. all that needs to happen now is for the internet to crash and burn too.
am so so so so so so so so so sad.


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