Big Yellow Tutu

December 22, 2004

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am bad web person. no new entries in a week. i do however have gmail now, does that make up for it? i cant really get my head around gmail at the moment though. especially all this grouping of emails nonsense.

my weekend was beautiful, despite feelings of shame still hanging around from abandoning my mother. sunday was spent watching 3 christmas films, eating very fatty yet strangely satisfying fried chicken delivery gubbins, and trying not to get lost in wimbledon common in the dark whilst feeling very sick from said fried chicken.

the week was spoilt a little by having to work. xmas in record shops is not fun. i’m not allowed to listen to girls aloud anymore, ive been banned from ever putting it on. and to add insult to injury people keep comig up to me with silly little printed off lists of the cds theyre after. its amazing how people can just walk past 1000000s of copies of robbie williams and then still ask you if we have it in stock. its not destroying my xmas cheer however, am still feeling decidely festive.

last night i drank too much wine and ate too much curry with my sisters friends and then drank too much wine and danced around to bloc party too much with my friends. my mum has declared today an alcohol free day until 6pm tonight. i love my mum.

i’m going to go and decorate a christmas tree now. will take photos of it and get mr swish to put them on here.

ps. get digital camera next week so start getting excited in advance for the shoe blog.


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