Big Yellow Tutu

just cut knuckle in shower. quite confused. December 15, 2004

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damn it. aol sucks. just wrote entry, tried to open new screen and it all flew away. grrr…
anyways, will start from scratch again. humph.

…decided to be a mean daughter and go home a day early. i feel quite bad but am making wreaths and muffins with my mum today so feeling slightly less justin hollyoak.

im going to make three wreaths; a posh, arty one for mum; a sparkly, menacing steal-me-and-die one for bethnal green flat; and a shiny, pop one for mr swish and dave of the 1. ill take pictures and put them on mr swish’s moblog.

went to see the incredibles yesterday. i think its quite good but im not so sure – it all went so quickly and was so colourful it wast hard to feel anything other than decidedly dizzy. going to either see vodka lemon tonight or trek to brighton to see grzzly. it all depends on dodgy gear boxes.



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