Big Yellow Tutu

cancer and westlife? youre too kind. December 14, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 10:33 am

it turns out theres not as much on sky worth watching as i’d remembered. mtv only shows natasha bedingfield and band aid. and as much as i do dearly love ms bedingfield shes driving me a little stir crazy.

i keep buying shoes on ebay. shit ones too. must stop.

im so bored. the novelty of green trees and fields and country life is really starting to wear off. ive taken to becoming obsessed with painting my nails. i think i might go back to london a day early. im a little worried i’ll offend my mum though. she cried when i came home on monday.

im thinking of doing the whole sunbed thing. ive only done it once (maybe twice if im honest) before and it scared me shitless. its like being stuck inside a giant, sweaty, illuminated toilet roll. whilst being played westlife. it will give me something to do though.


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