Big Yellow Tutu

a large cup of coffee in costa is way too large. December 13, 2004

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oohhh…back in the sunny south. indulging in the luxuries of nice food and nice wine. will probably be about 18 stone by the time i get back to london next week. and probably stinking of blue cheese, i’m eating far more than is probably advised to avoid having a coronary by the time i hit 30.
i listened to the joanna newsom album on the way back on the train. for a much hyped and much praised album its really not very good. it basically works on the formula of take a devendra song, put the guitar up an octave so it sounds like a harp and get janice from friends to sing the vocal. the words ‘voice like a angel’ could not be further from the truth. she sounds quite nice when shes all hush hush but when she puts a bit of power behind it the urge just to shove a gimp ball in her mouth is quite powerful.
in a strange and slightly uninteresting way i got kiddie’s bus fare today without asking for it. you have to have ID to prove you’re under 16 if youre aged 14 or 15 on stagecoach buses. the driver didnt ask me for ID so i’m guessing he thought i must have been 13. thats quite a concern. might try and abuse this trick all week.


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