Big Yellow Tutu

nothing but pirate hats December 10, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 6:00 pm

a lovely day of doing fuck all. spent all day staring at soulseek. that thing is far too addictive. im starting to feel a little guilty about the amount im downloading. piracy funds terrorism and all. i can just see that anthrax factory running a little faster because of my exploits today.
i must spend more days just lounging about in pyjamas. i spent a whole hour in the big outside world and it was way too much. i can see the benefits of being a recluse. got to eat a lot of whipped cream courtesy of the lovely kala.
off to pleasure unit tonight to see metro riots, parisians and chineapples. should be fun and christmassy. will have to get very drunk to sing carols.
found more slash fic today. havent had time to write any more of my ryan/sandy one. should have done some today but i think any kind of literary exertion, no matter how porny, is against the rules of lounging in pyjamas. today i read pirates of the carribean stuff. filthy it was too.


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