Big Yellow Tutu

there’s cakes on the kitchen table. they’re not mine. should i eat one anyway? December 8, 2004

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Another tuesday another artrocker. last week – hated music. this week – wish I never had to speak again and could just sing everything instead. it was fun fun fun.

first up was the cherubs. their guitarist has the shiniest hair i have ever seen. aside from that they were awesome, the delia from artrocker wrote on her silly notepad that they sounded like a ‘moody franz ferdinand’. they don’t. though i want to be the bassist in the Schla La La’s, her band. The lead singer, although a bit ian curtisy, was a very great dancer. do you remember when you were a kid and the best dance move in the world was when you but your heels together, then your toes, then your heels…etc… and it made you look like you were sliding across the floor magically? that was mr cherub all over.

help she can’t swim were next and alright ish. everyone kept saying they sounded like bis. thats about all there is to say about them really.

best bit of evening…
me: “there’s a man over there who looks like a good looking eddie argos”
dave: “him?”
me: “no. behind him.”
mr swish: “where?” (mr swish is v blind)
me: “at the back.”
mr swish: ” shit it is eddie argos”
hes so much cuter in fleshdom. didnt think that was possible. I’ve seen him drink grolsch. twice.


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