Big Yellow Tutu

vodka is not gin. gin rocks. vodka just makes your cheeks numb. not so good when its december. December 4, 2004

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now im pretty sure that somewhere down the line somebody told me (that you had a girlfirend) that posting when drunk is NOT a good idea. oh well fuck them and their dull victorian ways. IM POSTING WHEN DRUNK. in capitals. im shouting. its not ‘polite internet etiquette’. aol surveys tell us so. who likes txt speak?

i met a man on the street tonight in a ralph lauren jumper who ‘loved’ the libs and babyshambles and had been looking at the forum for a whole six months. wow! the libs have been going that long? fuck, i only read about them in the sun about 4 months ago. im being a snob. the joys of being able to edit out my narrow-minded indie snobbery ways on live journal in the morning. thank god keyboards dont print in indelible ink.

i love you all. all. all. all. all.

ps. im going to sleep with my make up on. i live too dangerously.


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