Big Yellow Tutu

not even xmas hats? December 2, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 8:34 am

hurrah. xmas is here. i have a tree, fairy lights, and paper chains with holly on.
to kick start off the festive spirit i shimmied along the radio 1 staff xmas party. it kinda knocked my xmas spirit on its head. no decorations, no crackers and really really bad music. you’d have thought that the people with one of the largest music collections in the country would have been able to sort out some better stuff to play. did see edith bowman dancing like a crazed monkey. that girl knows how to shimmy. i wish there were some big radio 1 gossip i had to report back on but none whatsoever. unlike most xmas parties there were no work colleagues getting to know each other in dark corners of the room. it twas fun though. a bit of glam in this girls life. and did get to see two people’s bare bottoms.


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