Big Yellow Tutu

conquering the music world December 2, 2004

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 4:00 pm

wow. wow. wow.
have my own cd. it has a barcode and everything. it rocks. it even has my name inside. so much fun. screw girls aloud. this is the album of the year. i only had it in my grubby paws for the first time five minutes ago so please excuse the over enthusiasm here.
its 74:35 mins long for you geeks. itll be on amazon soon. go buy it. its full of swing and big band stuff but its brilliant. go buy it for your grans. go buy it for other people’s grans. buy it for all the grans in the world. in fact, fuck it, buy it for everyone in the world. we’ll make the world a happier big band place. don your tuxedos, swing your umbrella in the air, find a pretty person to dance with and wear out the soles of your shiny shoes dancing to the only 74 minutes of music this world needs.


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