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people at gigs are taller than people on the street December 1, 2004

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Tuesday means artrocker. So dutifully we went along to sup on Indian beer and bands with skinny legs. Tonight was The Fever (new york boys with questionable hair), Punish The Atom (Nottingham boys who sound like new york boys) and Black Time (who sounded so unremarkable I shall unremark on them). The evening was all very well and good but im beginning to think that all the bands I see at the moment sound the same. Pretty boys in the audience shout, lead singers shout louder, girls dance and everyone thinks – hmmm….the guitarists quite good. Its a good formula but im getting a bit bored of it now. Gonna get into funk. Or maybe not.

Most fun thing of the evening (aside from making a handbag out of a flyer that is) was the Black Time inspired list. Here goes:

1. Black Grape
2. Black Lace
3. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
4. Black Bow Recorder
5. Black Times
6. Black Eyed Peas
7. Black Neon
8. Black Wire
9. Black Sabbath
10. Black Crowes
11. Black Strobe

Theres probably a million more. Suggestions at the usual address please folks.

ps. Saw a mince pie stuck at the top of the escalator on the tube. It looked like it was dancing.


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