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December 31, 2004

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oohhh… updating from cardiff. so fucking urban. im dressed as a school girl. why am i doing this? were off the school disco at the millennium stadium. they better play fucking busted and no fucking bon jovi, chesney hawkes or fucking guns and roses. ive had quite a bit to drink already so all typos must be ignored, i shall do my best to keep a beady open for any mistakes.

i had the choice of the st trinians look or the science girl look with slaggy lab coat. went for the classic chav trinians option. i feel like such a complete chav. im sure that if i just keep drinking the whiskey it should all work out. even if the whiskey is called imperial stag. its £8 a litre. im such a classy lady. oh god. why am i going to school disco? im such a complete snob. all my friends keep telling me that so long as all my friends are here it should be fun. well they are all here but im still a little sceptical. its school fucking disco. i cant get over this. the rakes were playing frog tonight. why cant i be at frog? grrrr…

so to cut a long boring rant short. i look like a hooker and am very drunk.
happy new year everyone. im sure that at about 4 in the morning ill get all nostalgic and write long monologues about how much im going to misss 2004 or something.


December 30, 2004

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today i most definitely did not buy the first two britney albums or the last busted album. i did not listen to them all the way home on the train. nor did i buy the mcfly calendar and i most certainly did not put said calendar above my desk and gaze at it for hours whilst feeling slightly paedo. that would just be wrong.

i did however make tapes for dancing to whilst inevitably breaking down in the car on way to cardiff tomorrow. recorded side one in mono by mistake. mmm… darius in mono. i prefer the idea of a room filled with a thousand darius’s (dariai?). that would be mighty fun.



December 29, 2004

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grrr… i just tried to dye my hair and nothing fucking happened. i was trying to dye the pink bit blonde as it’d gone a grotty yellow ish colour. the packet said leave for 10 mins. in hair dye times that always means 30. after 30 nothing had changed and so i left it for an hour and still nothing has happened. the beautiful man who cuts my hair said i could dye it any colour and it would work so im a little upset. but i did get to wander around the house in dungarees and shake my ass in a fun 90s stylee. how come we always get changed to dye hair but never ever spill anything?

girls aloud got turned off after one and a quarter songs at work again today. they put queen on. fucking idiots.


December 28, 2004

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home alone 2 was as awesome as remembered. though the scary pigeon lady was unfeasibly young to have seen all those people play at the theatre.

discovered two new fun sites today. the first is more slash fic stuff. i just cant get enough of it. this is pete/carl fic.

some of it, like most slash fic, is fucking dire and way too over praised, but some of it is awesome. a little too many mockney accents for my liking maybe.

the second site is oohh… its so good. love it. love it. love it.



its colder inside my flat than it is outside. brrrr……

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bad day. it started by being as hungover as hell and having to get up at 7 this morning. i thought i was working back in the big smoke but when i walk through the door and get a lot of confused looks from all other staff i guess somethings up. it seems i wasnt working til tomorrow. spent 2 hours in car and getting up at crack of dawn for nothing. im such a twit.

i also spent all day feeling sick. i didnt think i drank that much, it seems i must have. i do vaguely remember showing some of my friends what pants i was wearing whilst at the bar in the pub. oh dear. they were good pants though, so thats something to be thankful about.

i watched 13 going on 30 this week. thats an odd film. its basically 13 year old girl wishes she was 30, wakes up 30, finds about shes been a bitch for 17 years and that she loves her best friend who’s about to get married. not only does she not care whats been going on in the world that shes missed over the last 17 years but shes a horny 13 yr old who wants to fuck her friend. shes 13!!!! its a little twisted, no? what with that and mean girls being really quite racist im beginning to worry a little about kids films today. have we got a population made up of racist horny 13 year olds?

andy why is there no artrocker tonight? i hate this gap between christmas specials and new year specials. what with there being no oc and no artrocker this week just because they both have new year specials im a very bored girl. but hey, home alone 2 is on in a bit. its so much better than home alone 1, no matter what mr morgan says. dumb film geek fucker.


3 days til launch of shoe blog and counting…. December 26, 2004

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boxing day is always so underwhelming. i never really know what to do, aside from eating cold turkey, theres not really any traditions. someone should start a boxing day tradition just so we dont all feel so lost.

ive spent the day clomping round the house in big boots and short skirts. the ratio of time spent writing essays on 16th century harp music to the time spent downloading stuff and reading blogs is about 1:37 at the moment.

my discoveries from my day spent pritt-sticked to the screen are: ‘put down the science pole’. they make me dance and air scratch. ‘the beastles’ – mash up beaties and beatles stuff (yes, yes bootlegs=passe. shut up). and last but not least ‘grizzly bear’. i have friends in a band called ‘grzzly’ so should maybe stand strong here and shout – NO! YOU NAME STEALING SCOUNDRELS! and not listen to grizzly bear. but i like them. so quiet. theyve put tracks up on their site its nice for a glass of something percenty at the end of the day.

im thinking about this blog. its fustrating me in so many many ways. i dont have a counter. all my ramblings may be pointless for all i know. pictures are a pain in the ass to put up. and… i cant put up any songs. i want to do all of the above. all the good blogs ive gotten into reading say blog spot in the title. my sherlock traits make me think that maybe this is the way forward.

im going shopping with my parents tomorrow and have long car journey spent listening to radio 2. i shall therefore take felt tips and paper with me and redesign this site. ive got the background sorted and made. it just needs a clever mr swish to help me.

anyone with any bright ideas or requests just shout.


peter andre hit the top 40 twice in 96? and 2004? December 25, 2004

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as i start this entry there are 27 or so minutes left of christmas day, i took me ages to sort this entry out and im kinda hoping ill finish it before midnight. i am going to get my whiskey from sitting room first. hang on….
back. got it.
ive consoled my lack of aga sadness with a bit of light paper/magazine reading and have decided i hate ‘best of 2004’ lists. i wont do one. we all know that keane sold unreasonably well and that the libs album is awesome. and yes, everyone says the mark lanegan is good but im still not going to listen to it ok? and yes, everyone can dance to the scissor sisters. even my nan.
so. to cut a long rant short i’ve complied my ‘best singles of 1996’ list. theres nothing obscure. only anything that hit the top 40. or now 26 & 27. its more fun than reading about how much will young likes the new kings of leon album or how mylo thinks the mix on the new prodigy album is “cacophonous”.
the list is alphabetised. this is for three reasons. 1 – i’m a nerd. 2 – i used ipod smart playlists and chart sites lots. 3 – its christmas. (19 minutes and counting).
enjoy pop kids.

1. ash – girls from mars.
2. ash – oh yeah.
3. babylon zoo – spaceman
4. beck – where its at
5. bis – kandy pop
6. bjork – hyperballad
7. blur – charmless man
8. busta rhymes – woo-hah
9. cast – sandstorm
10. clock – house of love
11. deep blue something – breakfast at tiffanys
12. divine comedy – something for the weekend
13. faithless – insomnia
14. fugees – fu-gee-la
15. gina g – ooh aah…just a little bit
16. garbage – stupid girl
17. kula shaker – grateful when youre dead/jerry was there
18. livin joy – dont stop moving
19. mark morrison – return of the mack
20. nightcrawlers – lets push it
21. ocs – day we caught the train
22. placebo – 36 degrees
23. presidents of the usa – lump
24. prodigy – firestarter
25. pulp – something changed
26. radiohead – street spirit
27. red hot chili… – aeroplane
28. republica – ready to go
29. shaggy – boombastic
30. skunk anasie – weak
31. sleeper – sale of the century
32. space – female of the species
33. supergrass – going out
34. take that – never forget

and 13 minutes to spare. phew.