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slash slash slash November 29, 2004

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ive discovered a whole new world. slash fan fic. now im not sure thats the correct wordy usage. its basically, for those of you like me horribly unaware of this world, its where people write new, mostly homoerotic, storylines for their favourite characters from tv and film. theres an awful lot of harry and draco and also harry and sirius ones.

so… ive started an oc one. im doing sandy and ryan. i started it this afternoon, it rocks. had a scoot around internet and it seems theres an oc slash site. theres a great one here

very fun. but dont go there if you dont like the rude and the crude. noones dones the sandy/ryan combo yet but theres shed loads of seth/ryan ones.

ill post it when its done. hopefully by the end of the week.


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