Big Yellow Tutu

coursework cocktails. November 25, 2004

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now although i’m sure that absinthe + mushrooms + coursework isn’t an academically approved combination it seems to be a great idea. makes 17th century recorder studies much more interesting. though why is absinthe blue? or is it turquoise? either way i have no idea what its made from.

i spent most of the day eating candy sticks. they make you a little jittery if you eat too many.

im watching tv and have just learnt that hemangioma means a ‘small cluster of blood vessels under the skin’. does that mean he-man was just one big cluster of blood vessels? or one small cluster it seems. i really dont think he’d have been such a successful fighter if he were just made solely of blood vessels. the shows would have been a whole lot messier.

today ive been listening to art brut lots. i think its guilt over not going to see them tomorrow (though still not too sure about that one). also listened to the selfish cunt album. i love that album. especially the ‘raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…’ one about two thirds of the way through. not good with track names. it wibbles about lots too. yum yum. shouty shouty. in a pop boy doting way martin tomlinson is be-ew-ti-fool.



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