Big Yellow Tutu

what can you say about hair gel? November 23, 2004

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ugh. job interviews. its hard not to get nervous about them. what happened to the interviews when they just talked to you to see if you’re nice? i miss those. it was really tempting to finish off the bottle of vodka sat on my kitchen table before i left. i wisely thought better of it in the end. took ages to work out what socks to wear. seriously.

they gave me a pot of hair gel to talk about. i say wha wha? the interview man told me i was softly spoken. i felt like shouting obscenities at him. that got filed with vodka under bad idea again.

there was a man on the tube on the way home with a bottle of champagne hidden quite conspicuously in his jacket. thats hilarious. contents of my pocket: chewing gum (cherry), a pen, no wallet (can’t find it), and a magnum of moet & chandon. beat him. i wish.


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