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slash slash slash November 29, 2004

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ive discovered a whole new world. slash fan fic. now im not sure thats the correct wordy usage. its basically, for those of you like me horribly unaware of this world, its where people write new, mostly homoerotic, storylines for their favourite characters from tv and film. theres an awful lot of harry and draco and also harry and sirius ones.

so… ive started an oc one. im doing sandy and ryan. i started it this afternoon, it rocks. had a scoot around internet and it seems theres an oc slash site. theres a great one here

very fun. but dont go there if you dont like the rude and the crude. noones dones the sandy/ryan combo yet but theres shed loads of seth/ryan ones.

ill post it when its done. hopefully by the end of the week.


November 28, 2004

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right. mr swish took his camera away so no photos from last night. but one from last week. I’m hoping this works. i cheated last time and got the martin picture put on for me. have to put thinking cap on now.

will get new fun photos. promise. have lots of the tiny lady from gin palace to sprawl across these pages.

screw that. tried it. didnt work. damn the technology. will find bigger thinking cap.


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mr swish, olly and i put our dancing shoes on last night and braved the world of frog. i’d never been before. Its a very very weird place. lots of obscenely bad music. The all-red-wearing International Noise Conspiracy played in the big bar area. I’ll be honest, I was a little judgemental about them. I stayed for about 3 songs then decided they were shit, didn’t really give them a chance. All the members of the band looked too similar and having drunk maybe a little too much, I couldn’t cope with this.

Gin Palace played in ‘trocker room upstairs. Mr swish had waxed lyrical about them for months now and so big things were expected of these tiny folk (the leader singer is about 4 inches smaller than me – major feat, she must have real problems finding shoes). Though better than INC, Gin Palace weren’t great. The girl singer was trying her hardest to play the cool front woman thing and had clearly been practising her ‘wave arms about, smile coyly, pout sexily’ routine in front of too many mirrors for too many hours.

But in amazing pop gossip way… We saw Javine kissing the bassist from Seafood!!! Is that not the strangest pop pairing ever? Not sure if they were already a couple before they got there. I hope not, somewhere in then back of my mind I hope there’s a chance than failing indie rockers from yesteryear can go out and pull failing pop stars of today. It helps breed the mediocre pop world we all love.

Gonna post pictures later today when the after affects of all that whiskey have stopped included feeling very very sick.



coursework cocktails. November 25, 2004

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now although i’m sure that absinthe + mushrooms + coursework isn’t an academically approved combination it seems to be a great idea. makes 17th century recorder studies much more interesting. though why is absinthe blue? or is it turquoise? either way i have no idea what its made from.

i spent most of the day eating candy sticks. they make you a little jittery if you eat too many.

im watching tv and have just learnt that hemangioma means a ‘small cluster of blood vessels under the skin’. does that mean he-man was just one big cluster of blood vessels? or one small cluster it seems. i really dont think he’d have been such a successful fighter if he were just made solely of blood vessels. the shows would have been a whole lot messier.

today ive been listening to art brut lots. i think its guilt over not going to see them tomorrow (though still not too sure about that one). also listened to the selfish cunt album. i love that album. especially the ‘raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….raaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…’ one about two thirds of the way through. not good with track names. it wibbles about lots too. yum yum. shouty shouty. in a pop boy doting way martin tomlinson is be-ew-ti-fool.



November 24, 2004

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I’ve found a shop that does spiderman candy sticks. they come with glow in the dark tattoos.i got an orange spider. its on my left fore arm.

art brut or curry on friday night? what do we think? mr brut is so so so so sexy. if slightly sweaty. hmmm…both hot. both rock. not sure.


two posts in one day. krazy with such a huge k. November 23, 2004

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fuckers fuckers fuckers.

a mere 3 hours after the stupid neon yellow doored office interview and they give me a “we don’t want you” email. well i don’t want to work for you either. way too many apostrophes and accents in l’oréal anyway. who wants a job that is that hard to type. not me.

going to drink vodka and wtach the football. and not feel french and sophisticated working for some glamorous, pioneering company.
not. at. all. bitter.


what can you say about hair gel?

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ugh. job interviews. its hard not to get nervous about them. what happened to the interviews when they just talked to you to see if you’re nice? i miss those. it was really tempting to finish off the bottle of vodka sat on my kitchen table before i left. i wisely thought better of it in the end. took ages to work out what socks to wear. seriously.

they gave me a pot of hair gel to talk about. i say wha wha? the interview man told me i was softly spoken. i felt like shouting obscenities at him. that got filed with vodka under bad idea again.

there was a man on the tube on the way home with a bottle of champagne hidden quite conspicuously in his jacket. thats hilarious. contents of my pocket: chewing gum (cherry), a pen, no wallet (can’t find it), and a magnum of moet & chandon. beat him. i wish.